Friday, May 28, 2010

Minima Necklace, for the minimalist in you

This necklace is a bit different to the colorful crochet necklaces I've been creating lately.  I usually follow my instincts when making a new piece and if my inner spirit calls for soothing, calming, un-cluttered colors, then I listen and obey.

The results are my Minima Necklace that adds just the right touch of detail to your outfit when you're in a de-cluttering mood, made with tiny Delica© Japanese glass beads in seaform green and ivory strung through 2 tiger tail wires.

The soothing effects of the color seafoam green is combined with the understated elegance of ivory to help you clear your mind of unwanted, cluttered thoughts, denoting new beginnings, growth and self-worth.


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  2. Great! I didn't even know I was on Love Maegan's Blog (sadly I can't open that page to search for me either).

    I'm following your blog now!

    p.s. you are VERY pretty!! xx