Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week

I got a message this morning from fellow Etsyan cyndilouwho2 letting know that one of my necklaces was being featured in her "Mito" treasury.  This treasury, as well as some other ones she's creating this week, are for the purpose of raising awareness of Mitochondrial Disease, something which I had never heard of before.

You can visit the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation website for more information.

To see the "Mito" treasuries, just go here.  Here's a screenshot of one of them:

And here's my necklace Mito Crochet Necklace

Jewelry Affaire Magazine

As per my previous post dtd May 25th, I had sent out a few of my necklaces to be photographed by a prestigious magazine.  That magazine is Jewelry Affaire, and out of the 4 necklaces I sent to them they have decided upon my Amber Bib Necklace.

The issue is hitting the stands on October 1st.......... I'm sooooo excited!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

How did having a business in Etsy change your life?

This was a question posted by aroundtheworld in Etsy forums the other day, and made me realize that Etsy did indeed change my life as well as me personally (in a positive way, may I add), as it has given me a sort of confidence which I had never experienced before.

Etsy made me realize that even though I'm able to do just about anything I put my mind into, I need to be selective and chose NOT to do what doesn't please me. I have discovered that there is, after all something in this world that I truly enjoy doing and would like to see myself continuing for many years to come. This all thanks to me discovering Etsy and committing myself to making my Etsy shop the best I can in terms of quality and customer service. I love what I do, I'm quite passionate about it, and don't really want to do anything else (including housework and dirty laundry LOL). I have no words to express my true appreciation for Etsy.

You can read the whole thread right here.  There's some really inspiring posts in there.

Here's to confidence and Etsy:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Riddance August 2010

August 2010 was for me a very stressful month (hence my lack of posting anything the WHOLE month).  The heat and humidity were unbearable, making work at the restaurant even more difficult, and to top it off my iron level went down again, so low that I had to take a few days off as I didn't have energy to face the work load at the restaurant.

September comes as a breath of fresh air with the temperatures and humidity level much lower, and lots of people returning home or to work after summer vacation, and school starting soon (here in Cyprus), so I'll have time for myself again to continue with my beloved craft.

In the meantime.... here's my Colorido Crochet Necklace no. 3: