Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woman's World Feature

Wooo Hooo!!!! The magazine was out a couple of days before it's scheduled date of March 22nd!!!!

I'm so excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a couple of scanned pictures of the pages where my necklaces are featured:


Monday, March 15, 2010

Interviewed by TryHandmade!! YAY!!

I love "Try Handmade", and now I love it even more since they published an interview with yours truly :0)

Here's the link to the interview:

Try Handmade

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Big Day is Approaching!!

I've been so busy lately!  Back in Nov. I was contacted by the weekly magazine Woman's World to see if I'd be interested in having a couple of my necklaces featured on their magazine!

I'm like.... "is that a question????"  Of course I would!!!

Then by beg. Feb. I got the final confirmation that they are going ahead with the feature on their issue no. 13 which is scheduled to be on the stands March 22-29.

My necklaces are all one of a kind, but because of the feature that's coming up I decided to make multiples of the ones that will be on print.  Sooooo..... that's what I've been so busy making!  Well, that as well as making custom pouches for all my items!

I'm so tired....!  No.... I'll rephrase that.... I'm not tired...... I'm EXHAUSTED!!!!

If you'd like to see which are the necklaces that are going to be featured on the magazine, just head on down to my shop and type "womans world" on the search box  :0)