Sunday, January 17, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

The love is accummulating fast at Etsy's shop Craft Hope

An incredible $7,000 was raised in just 2 days by the crafty mamas behind the scenes.

Heres how it works and how you can help:

-If you are good a making stuff with your hands, you can donate some of your crafts to Craft Hope, and the proceeds of the sales will go directly to Doctors Without Borders who are working hard helping survivors in Haiti.

-However if you are not a crafty kind of person but still want to help, you could then go to the Etsy's shop Craft Hope and purchase something from there.

-Another way of spreading the word would be by embedding the following button on your blog or website, which is linked directly to the Craft Hope shop:

Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Please Twitter this post to help spread the word faster!!

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